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Walt Culbertson

Mr. Culbertson is the Producer and Host of the Medical Update Show. The Medical Update Show appears weekly on the Comcast Local Public Access Network. The Medical Update Show airs every Wednesday night at 10:30 PM on Comcast channel 99 in and around Jacksonville Florida. The show is 30 minutes in length and features a wide-range of healthcare topics important to the healthcare community. Visit the Medical Update Show website for more information! Check out the 2012 calendar of shows for the year!

Mr. Culbertson is currently working on a patient engagement framework called EngageMyPatient. Connecting Healthcare provides a framework to help medical providers engage their patients in communications, education and motivation. We help improve care and outcomes using a digital communications platform. Providers enable an Internet presence, mobile devices, text messaging and emails to communicate with their patients. Educating and motivating patients to engage as part of their care team.

Previoulsy, Walt served as the Technical and Operations Lead for the Florida Health Information Exchange (FL-HIE). Mr. Culbertson is also on assignment to RTI and ONC as the Florida Subject Matter Expert for the Southeast Regional HIT-HIE Collaboration (SERCH) State Health Policy Consortium Proposal for Facilitating Cross-Border Health Information Exchange for Disaster Preparedness in the Southeast and Gulf States.


Susan Miller

Ms. Miller has worked for 3 of the major federal health care agencies, most recently the content developer for the NIST HIPAA Security Toolkit. Ms. Miller is also on assignment for the Department of Community Services, Support Statewide HIT Coordinator, HIE, Security and Privacy Subject Matter Expert.

Ms. Miller recently helped co-write a Policy and Legislation article authored by the Journal of Health Information Management (JHIM), Winter 2012, Volume 26 / Number 1.